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October 12, 2010



I reorganized my sock drawers by color this weekend and discovered a few gaps in the spectrum myself. I have plenty of green socks, and entirely too many with pink in them as well. Time for some neutrals and reds! Love the new pair. The greens and blues are beautiful together.


What a great looking set of socks, you're all ready for winter. You just reminded me I really need to get in gear and start a few socks for me as well.

Marianna Steele

B - This is such an inspiration to me. I really need to try some socks. I've bought a book and don't even do socks. I've been working on a Grammy Hope Chest item. (Stash diving) I think I'll need to give socks a go next. Blue and Green reminds me of a sequin christmas tree M & D had on a small table by the front door in greenbrook.


I've given away most of the socks I've knit. Must make some for myself!
Love all yours...


Looks great!

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