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March 16, 2012



I grew up in Kansas, so I know the kind of storms you're talking about. Spent a good chunk of my childhood in the basement, waiting for the all clear...
Glad you, the cats, and your place are all okay!


So glad you're okay! I heard about the tornado, but didn't know it was close to you. We've got temps in the 80s, about two months ahead of schedule. No fun.


Our temps in the mid 70s is about 3 months ahead of schedule. Its been so warm here, if we get a freeze, its going to wreak havoc with the flowers and the trees. It could kill the fruit crop.

The tornado in Dexter was only a street away from my girlfriends house. They lost a few shingles and some of the siding on their house is loose but thats about it. The neighbor across the street lost his garage completely.


When I stop learning, Id better be dead.


The rain came down in buckets and the thunder was continuous. I havent seen a storm that big in a while. Now I just need to clean the litterbox sludge out of the basement. The reall annoying thing is Id planned on cleaning the basement tonight or tomorrow. Now, not only do I have to wait until the floor drives, but I have to clean up the litterbox sludge that before I would have just vacuumed. Grr.


When I stop learning, Id better be dead.

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