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March 05, 2013



Don't mean to be a lurker, but usually what I'm going to say, someone else has already said and thought it through much better than I had. Very lovely yarn. Yes 6 oz would be better for a pair of socks. From a 'lurker'. :)


Your yarn is even prettier that I had imagined it! The socks are going to be *stunning*.
I like the idea of 6 oz, as well. Better a little yarn left over than to come up short...
I've been spinning lots of yarn for shawls, but haven't actually gotten around to knitting any yet, so can't offer much help with that. (The closest I've gotten is the half-completed Maplewing that is sitting on my desk right now. (It's been sitting in that same spot for many months. Possibly years at this point.) I think I spun at least 8 oz of fiber for it - I kept going back to the LYS for more roving, but that was really because I loved the color so much and didn't want the spinning to end...)

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